Virtual Box and Virtual PC Setup

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VirtualBox 4 to your PC, you can install a second operating system, you can run as an ordinary software.

virtualboxsetup Virtual Box and Virtual PC Setup

A second operating system when it comes out many components. For example is no longer for Windows 7, old printers will recognize if you are trying to double-operating system for you to work with can be a good solution. Offers a range of Oracle’S free of charge, VirtualBox is built for this to work. For the installation to the latest version of VirtualBox 4.1.8 version of the plug-in packages you can get along with. Approximately 87 MB you can download the free installation package from

Common folder contains all of the data

Have you checked tool is now available. Now to set up a virtual PC you need to follow other steps need to be. Before you begin installation following points in mind: VirtualBox is often data on your computer C: drive stores a common folder. If a different folder if you want to assign to the File/Settings”, “General information” and click on a folder path you want to change to “Change”, i. In VirtualBox virtual disk format in an application is not important. However, during the installation you want to access different systems as standard “VDI” format that is used more general “PASS” as we urged you to change.

Convenient features Context menu

Hardware components running “Device / USB device” are different depending on how you make sure that connection via. They are separate from the system and this may result in loss of data. IT’S exit from the host at start-up. Virtual your computer’s context menu you will find there are many very useful title. For example, “Show in Explorer” command that will lead you to the home folder of the system.


1- VIRTUAL BOX SETUP VIRTUALBOX ; you can set up easily on to your computer. However, during installation you will have to provide several check USB controller you will be required to to

2- SET UP A PLUGIN PACKAGE  to do so “File/Preferences” to and from here go to “Extensions” on the right of the list and select the category, right-click it. You can now add-in package.

3- START THE INSTALLATION  “Machine/New” and go to “Next”, click on to. So that the system selection will begin. Can a name now and the “operating system” and the “Version” you can choose. “Other” option under “DOS”, even if you need to find it possible.

4- The SYSTEM CONFIGURATION RAM size use the scroll bar and select to do this make sure it is not too little. Now “Next” and that the user would click on select virtual boot hard disk.

5- The operating system the computer set up at first from the left-hand from the top of the screen and select “Start”, press the key. During installation you will be accompanied by a setup wizard. The following icons on the right-hand image, then select the file. Now you can begin to keep up with operating system installation steps.

6- OLD SYSTEM through “install guest additions: If any records have been” with “Devices” you can by selecting data communication better. Now your old “USB device” need to be personalised through.

7- The DRIVER’S SETUP XP, driver’s search is started automatically. That should be for the device driver installation wizard and follow the place. You can get to work after you restart the system.

8- DATA-transfer main system in transferring data to create a folder “Devices/ Shared directories”, click on to. This option is set to “VirtualBox Shared Folders” under the network configuration you will find there.

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