USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

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USB memories of catching the virus

USB memory technology used in a lot of practical, popular and useful. Quite incredible small size in a structure can carry the information. This is a common usage, flash memory, making virus writers target. Using the autorun.inf file automatically to the system is spreading harmful components. According to the Statistics of 2011 virus spread through Autorun.inf rate of 6.5% taking the lead. The RAM is write-protected USB Root Area who want to spread through the autorun.inf can take precautions against viruses. NTFS Security Features for this process to be used.

Having regard to images and apply the following steps, respectively.

This 7-step process is quite simple;

1- Available memory, data, back up a folder on your computer’s hard drive.
2- Our memory format the NTFS format. If you do not have a problem here, skip the third step
USBKORUMA01 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

3-If you do not have the options of the memory to the computer while it is attached NTFS Start> Run> type devmgmt.msc, then click OK. The Device Manager window that comes up, click on Disk Drives Memory USB Device Tab + t find the right key to enter the properties.

USBKORUMA02 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

Policies tab, then “Optimize for performance” option, select and apply. During this process the NTFS formatting option is to form.

USBKORUMA03 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

4- Click the My Computer icon, pop-top menu Tools> Folder Options> View tab, “Use simple file sharing” then uncheck in front of the teak, the Apply button, press the texture. If you want to get it back again after finishing all these steps. This process created in the USB memory, and the shell will give the necessary permissions for the folder.

USBKORUMA04 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

5- In our memory, for example, create a folder called SAFE. This name is not very important. This is part of the folder to use as your active, used part of the USB root.

6- Click on the desktop computer to a portable memory, right-click the Security tab on the Properties of everyone in and edit our features, such as in the screen display. The application window and click OK to close it.

USBKORUMA05 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

7- Now we’re doing the above procedure for the SAFE folder. This time, permission settings do the following way.

USBKORUMA061 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

Now, after these operations with a right click on the root I want to create a new txt file I get the following warning. In this way, we are free from malicious files transmitted portion of the boot.

USBKORUMA07 USB Memory Virus Protection Method 7 steps

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