The most interesting on action of Anonymous

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The most interesting on action of Anonymous

ANONYMOUS  The most interesting on action of AnonymousThis hacker network, information and free circulation under which says that could fight against. And that’s the area around stand up 10 operation that eliminates

1-CHANOLOGY Anonymous, Scientology, the YouTube a video that a sufi path sildirilince by the hacker group had thrown his hat into the operation and Chanology. DDOS attacks against various Scientology sites.

2-In January of 2011 SONY, Sony PLAYSTATION 3 in a 21-year-old George Hotz, hackers to court. To do this he blamed on the side of Anonymous hacker and the Sony PlayStation Network web sites.

3-In 2011, Zeta Anonymous, Mexican drug sump with Los Zetas, with names of employees. This is a hacker on the hide. When threatened by Anonymous hacker list description was released.

4-Payback of Wikileaks, founder, Julian Assange when he was arrested in December of 2010, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and other financial services providers Wikileaks has blocked accounts. Then in the third party sites Anonymous does not work for hours.

5-In August of 2011, FACEBOOK Anonymous, said to be from a message to Facebook in the November 5 u “destruction” his threats. This, however, that is, the group has an individual member’s plan. Anonymous does not support this plan, such as in the member’s id to punish it.

6-KINO.TO controversial video streaming site portal in June of 2011, when attacking your Anonymous German copyright rights. At the same time in Turkey, was an attack of common institutions.

7-During this time THAT HABBO name, unheard of in the attack, the hacker in 2006, the social network was in Habbo. Avatars should not be more than racist in this community activists were protesting to be displayed.

8-Gema “This video is not available in your country” message, Anonymous, June in 2011, attacked Gema web site. Hackers this association, come to an agreement with YouTube, is responsible for.

9-In October 2011, DARKNET Anonymous child pornography in the exchange network has discovered a secret and the world’s largest child pornography there is no one of that archives. In addition, this site has information for the contact 1.600 that visit frequently.

10-In December of 2011, BLITZKRIEG Anonymous this time around so he sent and had John beheaded in extreme right eye. Right-wing parties to support its customers, and the Nazi theme online shops at Nazi pamphlets preparered revealed.

In general, Anonymous supporters by downloading their free software on their computers when their computers are Anonymous group of turn over. Hackers, however, the Anonymous hacker community into his supporters have agreed that the botnets by Zeus. Zeus, botnets, pcs, user names, passwords, credit card details handy information, such as a software.


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