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pcupgr PC Upgrade GuideEven the ever-evolving technology, new products, aging leads to a very short period of time. However, desktop computers, the individual components can be upgraded by users with the is very advantageous. So freely when upgrading desktop computers, laptops situation is somewhat more limited but not impossible. If you want to upgrade your notebook or netbook, you can shed light on this upgrade guide.

Desktop computers, one of the biggest advantages of the other kind of promotion opportunities across computers. Any necessary parts, such as a desktop computer can easily update, collect piece by piece. On the other hand was developed to be portable small form factor and portable computers (notebook / netbook / tablet) very little promotion opportunities. Mobile phones, tablet computers, as well as an update, since even in extremely difficult or impossible to open the back cover. This type of battery change to the products to be offered to the most obvious.

Battery use time about people living in distress can make changes, but for now this is not supported by the backup battery. The first that comes to mind because the Apple iPad tablet computers / iPad2, Samsung and Motorola Xoom GalaxyTab in battery cover can be opened within the body and can not see any. Technical services, professional services, even took the only Wi-Fi card, such as the inside of the açtırırsanız types of components can be universal.As a result, for a tablet PC owners can say that promotion is offered, limited ports. Apple iPad accessories can be attached to products using traditional large port. Other relevant information concerning Islam and guided Tablet accessories. Portable computers, display, motherboard, video circuitry, a specially developed keyboard. Sound, network, USB controllers on the motherboard is fixed. For this reason it is not possible to upgrade. Inevitably be brought to a special type of compact dimensions for all parts. Fortunately, the processor, memory, hard disk, optical drive, WiFi card, and if any specific parts, such as complying with standards. However, this should not be assumed in the form of use of each notebook, place the memory of the notebook you want. To the fact that different standards for different generations of devices. Switches to the new standards in desktop computers as well as during certain periods. DDR-DDR2-DDR3 memory the same as in the example may seem like a completely different conditions, may contain.Detailed list of features you will promoted to enact, and that you can use the computer before turning on the inside of the parts you need to determine. Portable computers can be used to promote compatibility with the removal of parts risk, higher compared to desktop systems. For example, the top processor model Core i3 according to i3 any guarantee that the model is not able to get promoted. To explore the technical details of the product user manual or manufacturer website can be controlled.

Optional Options

The manufacturer, sites that can be selected as optional features of notebooks and netbooks, there are lists of features. For example, out of 320 GB, 500, 640 or 750 GB hard disk can be selected or the 4/6/8 GB of DDR3 memory can be understood simply says we can be a part of the amenities. As mentioned in the updates are just the most common memory, hard disk, battery and optical drive-oriented. Sometimes it is carried out in the processor upgrade.All these ports are empty except for the computer being used is for updates. This is a portable computer for some reason when selecting the number of ports available, and in particular there is a good idea to note the number of USB ports. CPU and optical drive terfilerinin be afforded less interested in the general sense, because, in most cases the warranty of the product is off the leaves. The majority of notebooks and netbooks in the rear of the valve or valves by opening the hard disk, memory, and sometimes accessible areas of the WiFi card. However, the rear portion of the processor and optical drive completely remove the need for change. This experience made the moves, such as requiring large end-users are requested to stay away from, and it can be used to ensure the warranty tags. Users who do not want to take the reaction of small-sized and designed by the manufacturers under the covers that are easy to open the hard disk and RAM SO-DIMM memory is located.Changing them is a low risk of injury to the computer. That require more experience and special interest değişimiyse processor and optical drive manufacturer service performed. For example, a notebook with DVD-RW drive, then DVD-RW / BD-RE Blu-ray combo drive or a printer can be promotion. Chip on the motherboard, the hardware components, laptop computers, usually with one to one copies can be changed only by expert technical service.

set, the processor socket and the computer is allowed by the existing cooling system, a mobile with a faster processor or more cores can be promoted. Celeron processors instead of one out of the bibliographies of a once popular Pentium M processor to place, and were carried out as soon as possible. Last-generation products instead of the image processing circuit comes with the motherboard chipset. Apparently, this notebook and cooling systems simple on netbook allowed.On the other hand when you upgrade the processor but also the promotion of integrated circuit, an opportunity to correct the image. Display circuit chipset motherboards in this part of the promotion there was the possibility.

Must take the necessary measures

All electronic components are sensitive, even a small mistake can cause big damage. During promotion for the device to open the rear door, first suggest that you check the terms of the warranty. If there is a problem in this sense, at first the computer off and then pull out the battery. Experts have suggested to use a static charge draining the bracelet, or a conductive metal, such as honeycomb radiator drain tap and the burden on you. Then, there is carpet on the yürümemekte benefit. Before opening the back cover of the device by pulling a photograph can record on standard screw placement. Reasons, and screws into the device, be sure not to miss.Do not touch any parts unless it is necessary when it is open. Removing parts only using when installing the plastic hold the screwdriver. Memory, hard disk, etc. When you find parts, if you have any explanation of a warning do not go without reading. Never rush the process promoted to bring music and distractions, turn off the TV, such as resources. Removing and installing new ones, not the parts of electronic parts, try to keep loose parts.



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