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network mobile computer network and internet options3G access option position is the shining star of the last period of freedom promises, but real additional costs for you. This diversity in light of the laptop, netbook and tablet type devices for the local network and internet options in front of you when you need them, and what options there might be useful to summarize the short expressions.Here I will suggest that you consider the Internet and mobile devices running on the suggestions for the network;

1.wired or wireless to connect to the Internet, except 3G, should make an open network access to the internet, he correctly connected to the network and the need to configure your network settings. Fortunately, both the ADSL, VDSL / 2, or fiber / cable internet options, Whether access to the Internet, along with all the settings from the modem is ready and automatically. Wireless network option, the job will enter into a phase of encryption to secure the network should not be forgotten. Be the first to you, you enter the unencrypted wireless networks, nor use the network unencrypted.

2. If you are the king 2.Ev or office Ethernet local area network. OK, when there is the possibility to use a wireless notebook or a netbook, you can say what I need cable. Till the end of the course, you’re right. But the efficiency of the network, such as perhaps never before in a term you do not ask when we will all forget what you know at least for now. That is to say, let’s say you have the luxury of using the internet minority lucky fiber. SPS or 50 Mbit internet you have access to.And of course this also has access to the Internet Reaches out to you at your modem. If you use the wireless network and all devices on your wireless network if the wireless router or modem is not available, including support for a new generation of 802.1, the netbook is working with 50 Mbit speed notebookya disobeys enjoy all the blessings. Why? Because the throughput of the actual data transfer speed. Wireless networks can access the Highest standards of 54 Mbit 25 Mbit speed most optimal conditions to reach even. 8o2.1 is also rarely is the actual speed of 100 Mbits. He also travels Mbit’lerde 70-80, that’s not all the time. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and will implement high-speed data transfer, for example, download from the Internet, albeit for a short period would suggest to switch to ethernet.Also working out of the battery, use the wireless network through the Ethernet card by disabling a little, just a few minutes to your battery can provide additional savings.

3. Do not be taken on behalf of the 3G Immediately. 3G mobile freedom really means to say. It’s 100 percent accurate. But we also have to think that we need our readers’ pockets for the 3G, the blessings we have ranking of the purse will be noted that some of the damage are.
Some notebook and netbook models are embedded in the SIM-card option. With These products, which generally cater to the business world plugging a 3G USB modem to the internet via a USB port for 3G squander life. Of course, the operator of a subscription for it before you start, take the SIM card and 3G need to open a data line. Here are the links with the hidden cost of 3G comes into play after you use that.Whether or not the operator on a monthly basis will pay a subscription fee, plus geçemezsiniz A certain quota. The other option of a 3G USB modems 3CII. Perhaps the only disadvantage Instead of these products during use, notebook or netbook with a USB connection might be to occupy. But do not count, of course, functions: unlimited freedom to your quota. This is within the modem and the SIM card and your name will work after an active subscription, we are dealing with.

4. So far, all we’ve talked about notebooks and netbooks. These tablets and smart phones are in addition to the note also forget the rising star.Tablets already and are sold only as a WiFi or WiFi +3 G that 3CIİ Those with a Considerable price difference. This option must also start the SIM card and 3G subscription.But the event also led by mobile phones everywhere you look in a price to be paid for Those Who Need the Internet, 3G will be purchased for the cost of subscription packages to see as Possible an affordable amount. Usually WiFi networks are always in the review suggest the number of times an investment in 3G . Tablets and smart phones and wireless network connection almost exactly the same as the notebook PC netbook option. Almost, we said, because even though the Ethernet adapters are offered additional support to remember some of the tablets.

5. mobile devices and the network connecting to the internet if you already have some practical knowledge of life even easier for you. For example, if you have an Ethernet, the most practical way is to use it. For wireless networks use the wireless network of mobile device you’ll need to know is how to surf.This Usually the wireless network icon in the bottom right of your screen to alert you the easy way surmountable.But as we’ve said before, I mean unencrypted networks, browsing the Internet can Easily be seen by others to say what you are doing is unencrypted wireless networks, especially in places where the public believe that being careful benefit from.
In addition, a recent Internet via the 3G operators while in the quota for the individual pages to you to keep track of Certain periods of time, connected to the Internet via 3G download ‘We recommend that you do not give priority to Lara.

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