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How is iphone ring tone?

40 second audio file like an mp3 or a section of track on the iPhone can use as your ringtone. I assume that we have a music CD tracks format. Let’s make the subsequent steps.

1. Need to be installed on the iTunes program on your PC. If you do not have to download to install on your PC or Mac from

2. Music CD in the drive, and then, run the iTunes program. Here I select the ArchiveFolders drag tracks of 6 form, this file is automatically copied into the Music directory.4:21 seconds of the file. After copying the file to run, select the upper portionbeginning and ending times are determined. If you do not have any part of it is lost the first 40 seconds.

ringtone01 Make iPhone ringtone

3. Archive> Music directory, locate the file you copied. Make a right click your mouse on the file, Information Export> Options over the Start and Stop Time from write. OK, let’s say.

ringtone02 Make iPhone ringtone

4. Again, right click on the file created by let’s say the version of the ACC. M4a extension for 40 seconds as you can see a screenshot of the ACC file is created.M4a extension, which can be assigned to this file as a ringtone M4R need to do. Nowkeep this file with your mouse, and drop it onto the table.

ringtone03 Make iPhone ringtone
5. Click on the My Computer on the desktop. The drop-down window Tools> FolderOptions> View may access on the road in front of the Hide Extensions for known file types, deselect, we say okay now you can see the file extensions.
6. M4a extension, then drag and drop onto your desk top right click the file nameChange the file name with the command after the point that as part of the M4R edit,click on OK. A warning window you can change the extension to, say, okay now on.This file contained in the Devices tab of the iTunes program yourname ’s onto your iPhone, drag and drop.

7. iTunes also yourname ’s iPhone, then, put the tick in front of the file that you createaudio tones, select tab, click the button Equivalent time. USB audio tones will be updated on the iPhone.

The tones of your phone Settings> Sounds> Ringer will see at the top of the classicalring tones.

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