Excel HLOOKUP formula

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excel1 Excel HLOOKUP formulaExcel HLOOKUP Function

Previous article in Excel vlookup function I mentioned that one of the search functions.HLOOKUP function is used in the other search functions to Excel.

The difference between the Excel VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP;

The sole difference between these functions is that different aspects of the search.From left to right with VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP do with the top-down search. Thisperspective is usually associated with user-created table. As an example, let’s look attwo structures essentially the same, but different from fiction;

dlookup12 Excel HLOOKUP formula

hlookup01 Excel HLOOKUP formula

On these pages you will use it as one of the database. Available in two differentforms as you see. My goal is to create a new page, students entering grades, nostudents’ presentation, I enter a name and surname of student knowledge of thedatabase page automatically using the search function of coming to my home I did.

Notice that if I made this fiction is now in the second table if the search direction, from top to bottom, I will call the 1200 number remains below the student’s name and filename of that information. In this case, use HLOOKUP. For the first table from left to right in this situation had to use VLOOKUP in this case.

Increasingly on the second table, the table, select the Formulas> Define Name in the screen display as part of the ”Student _No” define a domain name like. You can specify this name as you wish. In the Refers to the page with the mouse, scan to excelin my chosen field steady, if you want to delete this information throughout the application process, while, again with the mouse, you can select field instead of the applicant in this case, the row-column information is automatically re-written.

hlookup02 Excel HLOOKUP formula

I created a new page as above. When I enter student number in cell A2

  • Cells B2 to Student Name = HLOOKUP (A2, Ögrenci_No, 2, 0) in the form
  • Student Name Cells for the C2 = HLOOKUP (A2, Ögrenci_No, 3, 0) functions hereplaced.
  • If you want the right-hand corner of the selection rectangle by pulling down the smallsquares can move to other cells in the formula.

Let us explain the formula. There are 4 variables in this formula. The first is “what I’m looking”;” Where am looking for the second ”;” Whenever I inquire on the third line tobring you ”;” Bring one to one fourth of (0, false), close to the value (1, right) bring.

In short;

 =HLOOKUP(A2;Ögrenci_No;2;0) veya =HLOOKUP($A2;Ögrenci_No;2;FALSE)

Some buildings do you see in the formula, ; instead  , are also used. Feel free to drop me a line to the subject when you hesitate. 


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