Bosch pushes the research and development work with the patent records

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boshARGE Bosch pushes the research and development work with the patent records

Founded by Robert Bosh Bosh, the first patent application made ​​on 1897. He is also the owner of the patent to the present day many of the German-based company Bosh was only in 2010, 3,800 patent applications. The 15 patent applications eachbusiness day with reference to the German Patent and Trademark Office for the secret behind this success Bosh left the first order statistic, only 8 percent of its turnover in 2010, equivalent to more than EUR 3.8 billion in R & D activities due discretion. R & D with about 34,000 employees in groups of 10-15 people have been trying for creative ideas in its own workshops. Approximately 50% of the budget allocated to this, the research on products that do not harm the environmentand resources, the development is being used.
Dr. Bosch, President of Research and Development. Klaus Dieterich said in a statement it stated as follows. ”We provide a value for money in terms of the future,the research is important to develop new technologies. But this is the main, our strength in innovation is always in a sustainable manner to improve the quality of lifefor people all over the world, full of life and concentrate on providing products for thetechnology.” In fact, this kind of approaches, such as Bosh who wish to increase the firms. Already, “I prefer to lose money than lose the trust of the people” slogan has been one of the most impressive to me at all times. Robert Bosh geçemiyeceğimadding this promise ”to always work to go even further beyond the point reached inthe human. You should not be satisfied with the point of origin. Rather, strive to makeyou do something even better.”


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